How Accurate is biopsy sampling in Endometrial Cancer?

October 18, 2017no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags: office endometrial biopsy accuracy

The current trend for diagnosis in post menopausal bleeding is some form of endometrial sampling by either aspiration biopsy in the rooms, hysteroscopically directed biopsies and a dilatation and curettage. Studies have shown that these procedures are extremely accurate in determining whether cancer is present. A recent study however suggests that the correlation between histological [&hellip…


Hormone Therapy: WHI study Follow up reveals no change in Mortality after 18-Year

October 3, 2017no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags:

The WHI study changed the world for peri and post menopausal women and influenced the way a whole generation of us prescribed Hormone replacement therapy.

“When considering the health outcomes given by the original WHI trials a major point we often overlooked is that the trial was neither designed to determine the advantages and risks of HRT for proper management of menopausal symptoms. In comparison to this both the trials were intended to evaluate the advantages and risks of HRT to avoid the chronic diseases such as cancers and cardiovascular disease. However, when it became apparent that no improvement was seen in the cardiovascular results the trials were stopped.”