Hormone Therapy: WHI study Follow up reveals no change in Mortality after 18-Year

October 3, 2017no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags:

The WHI study changed the world for peri and post menopausal women and influenced the way a whole generation of us prescribed Hormone replacement therapy.

“When considering the health outcomes given by the original WHI trials a major point we often overlooked is that the trial was neither designed to determine the advantages and risks of HRT for proper management of menopausal symptoms. In comparison to this both the trials were intended to evaluate the advantages and risks of HRT to avoid the chronic diseases such as cancers and cardiovascular disease. However, when it became apparent that no improvement was seen in the cardiovascular results the trials were stopped.”


Introducing ‘Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause’

November 5, 2015no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags:

GSM is defined as a collection of symptoms and signs associated with a decrease in estrogen and other sex steroids involving changes to the labia majora/minora, clitoris, vestibule/introitus, vagina, urethra and bladder. The syndrome may include but is not limited to genital symptoms of dryness, burning, and irritation; sexual symptoms of lack of lubrication, discomfort [&hellip…


Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

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I am frequently asked about the Menopause and Hormone replacement therapy. I am going to do a series of articles tackling this topic from various angles. When the WHI study results first came out in about 2007, most of my patients stopped using HRT but within about 6 months the majority of them had returned [&hellip…


Best practice on the use of Long Term HRT

October 1, 2015no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags:

All of us are confronted by the patient how has been on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for some time and does not want to go off it. Long-term use of (HRT) is certainly controversial. If we combine medical evidence and clinical experience we can provide some guidance for the next time a patients asks, “How [&hellip…


Smoking related to Hot Flushes

July 30, 2015no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags: gynaecologist, hot flushes, smoking

A study has suggested that woman who give up smoking during the menopause, may have fewer and less severe hot flashes than women who continue to smoke. The time since the last cigarette, appears to have a direct relationship with women who had given up smoking for 5 years, being 45% less likely to have [&hellip…