The Zika Virus summarised

February 15, 2016no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags: zika fever, zika virus pregnancy, zika virus symptoms, zika virus treatment

The Zika virus is a Flavi-virus similar to the type of virus that causes Dengue Fever. It is spread by the Aedes aegypti  mosquito and is now thought to be prevalent in up to 30 countries around the world including of interest to New Zealanders, the Polynesian Islands. Although the link between Microcephaly and the [&hellip…


Milk may increase mortality and fractures in Women

November 5, 2015no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags: Women

A recent study by Swedish researchers has found a higher mortality (both women and men) and a higher fracture risk in women with a high intake of milk. They do caution against any dietary recommendations based on their findings. (Read the full study here They analysed data on 2 large cohort studies (61433 women [&hellip…


Ovulation reduced by NSAID’s

August 5, 2015no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags:

A recent study confirms what has previously been suggested in that Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)  inhibit ovulation and thereby have an effect on fertility.  We should therefore be discussing this with patients who present with infertility as use of NSAID’s is becoming increasingly common and we as practitioners may not even realise that our patients are [&hellip…


Obstetric intervention linked to post partum dyspareunia

August 2, 2015no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags:

Post partum dyspareunia linked to Obstetric intervention according to a prospective cohort study published January 21 in BJOG. “Almost all women experience some pain during first sexual intercourse following childbirth,” lead author Ellie McDonald, PhD, from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, said in a news release. “However, our findings show the extent to [&hellip…


Salpingectomies routinely?

July 1, 2015no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags:

You may be aware that we are now routinely offering patients bilateral salpingectomies at the time of hysterectomy. Although this was not recommended in the past, because of worries in hastening the onset of the menopause recent studies have suggested that this should be offered to all patients undergoing routine pelvic surgery. Much like studies [&hellip…


Why I became a Gynaecologist by Naylin Appanna

March 15, 2015no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags:

I am constantly asked,” Naylin Appanna, what made you decide to become a gynaecologist. “ The answer is very simple really. I didn’t grow up wanting to become a gynaecologist. In fact I grew up wanting to become an airline pilot. Unfortunately in South Africa during the apartheid era, this was only the realm of [&hellip…


Welcome to my Blog

January 17, 2015no responses, by: Women Health Center, Tags:

I have been blogging on my private pages for some time now and thought that its time that i started a blog on this page. If there are any gynaecological or obstetric topics that you would like me to talk about on here please feel free to comment below or alternatively contact me, using the [&hellip…